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BODEGAS TIERRA is the holder of this campaign which has the aim of promoting an online photography contest, of photos made with the mobile phone, for photography enthusiasts. It has no contractual value and is open to all the natural persons that comply with the conditions established herein.


1. All mobile phone users from Spain and aboard may take part in the contests, who take photographs that reflect the world of our cellar and its wines. All the photographs must include or mention any of our brands as well as the name of the cellar and/or bottles. Only the photographs that comply with the theme of the contest will chosen.

2. The photographs must be labelled with a title and sent by email to

3. The organisation reserves the right to denounce and request for the removal of the photograph, if any image violates personal rights, is offensive or discriminatory.

4. The contest is valid for all the photographs taken and sent between the 1st July and the 31st October 2013 (both inclusive) to the email address

5. Photographs taken outside these dates will not be accepted.

6. Photographs taken with a photographic camera will not be accepted.

7. Each contestant may participate with as many photographs as he/she likes during the dates of the contest and these must be in line with the theme of such.

8. The contestants transfer to BODEGAS TIERRA the image rights of their photographs for them to exhibit and promote the exhibition "Tierra desde el móvil" (Tierra from the mobile phone) in any of the communication and publication channels considered necessary.

9. The fact that a photograph appears in the gallery of the website does not imply it has been selected for the exhibition.

10. BODEGAS TIERRA will form a jury that will select and decide, according to the aesthetic and graphic value, the photograph that best represents the theme of the contest and that will pass on to the final selection to decide the awarded photographs, always according to the jury's criteria.

11. The contest, that will end the 31st October 2013 at 00.00 hours, will culminate with the exhibition by BODEGAS TIERRA "Tierra desde el móvil" (Tierra from the mobile phone) that will open the 15th November 2013 at 7.30 pm.
It will be held in the events room of the Cultural Centre Labastida (Plaza de la Paz) where the selected photographs will be exhibited, including the three winning photographs.

The prizes are:

  1. 1st prize: your weight in TIERRA wines + one night accommodation at a charming hotel for two people and dinner for two at Labastida.
  2. 2nd prize: dinner for two people at Labastida + selection of TIERRA wines
  3. 3rd prize: selection of TIERRA wines.

The organisation reserves the right to change any prize, and replace it for others.

Prizes will not be paid out in cash.

The costs for sending the prize will be paid by the organisation.

The organisation will contact the winners by means of the information sent by the contestant and/or by the means at their disposal and considered appropriate, to inform the winners.

The organisation will inform of the winners in a period of 7 calendar days, once the campaign has finished. In the event of the impossibility to contact the winners in a period of 7 days, the organisation will be exempt from any responsibility and may choose another winner or declare the contest void.

12. The acceptance of the prize by the winners implies giving consent to the organisation to use their name and image on the promotional material related to this campaign for advertising purposes.

13. The participation in this promotion implies full acceptance of these conditions and the expressed submission of the interpretative decisions made of such by the organisation.


The contestants accept, by participating in the contest BODEGAS TIERRA, that the contents and comments to be published on this website are going to be shared with the rest of social network users. The participation in a contest of this nature implies the acceptance of the rules established by BODEGAS TIERRA.

Prior registration on a mobile application is not necessary, BODEGAS TIERRA is not going to collect any registration information, as the participation is public. Yet, in order to deliver the prize, the winner's personal details must be collected.


The organisation reserves the right to cancel any participation or any participant, in the case of suspecting there has been an improper handling of the information or of the contest.

The organisation reserves the right to reject or exclude from participating in the contest and in general from the promotion, any participant that fails to meet the requirements and terms of participation described herein or contravenes the rules or the purpose of the contest.

The organisation will not be held responsible for the possible loss of data due to email problems and /or due to the malfunctioning of the website

Furthermore, the organisation declines all responsibility for any damages of whatever nature, that despite the security measures adopted, that may be due to the improper use of the services and contents on behalf of the users, and in particular, yet not exclusively, for the damages of any nature that may be due to the impersonation of a third party carried out by a user in any kind communication made through the website.

Likewise, the organisation declines all responsibility for any damages of whatever nature that may be due to the improper use, handling or mutilation that users or non-authorised third parties may realize regarding the general contents of this page, as well as the breach of any intellectual or property right that may occur, due to the non compliance of the requirements established in this website.